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How we can win Together


Empowering Locals

The hard truth is our union is only as strong as our workfloors are engaged, organized, and mobilized to fight for change. Our local, regional and national officers could never win this fight on their own through grievances, arbitrations, or consultations. The only chance we have to reverse four decades of decline is winning back and empowering our members at the local level. If elected I will:

  • Meet with as many local executives, organizing committees, and GMMs as I can to promote a sustained national organizing strategy to strengthen CUPW.

  • Work closely with every local willing to establish a mass recruitment and training program to build workfloor power.

  • Use the inevitable successes of locals committed to the plan to encourage and bring along locals that are reluctant or struggling.


Growing Our Union

Learning to effectively organize a workfloor is no different than learning any other complex skill; it takes persistent practice as well as ongoing support from experienced mentors to succeed. As VP, my national organizing strategy over the next year will include:

  • Collaborating with the REOOs and National Education and Communication departments to amplify current organizing initiatives and campaigns while quickly developing, and rolling out, more activist recruitment and training programs that support each local where they are at.

  • Refocus our external organizing efforts on projects that are within our means to realistically win and sustain.

  • Growing a national network of organizers to plan and generate cross-local workfloor actions and campaigns to gradually build CUPW-wide confidence and organizing capacity.


Fighting Forward

I believe clear communication and conviction are essential leadership characteristics needed to increase member engagement and attract external allies. Our national leadership has substantial room to grow in both regards. As a member of the National Executive I will help this process by committing to:

  • Sharing regular updates and analysis with members on campaigns, board meetings and whatever other project I’m working on, much like I have as local president (cupw730.ca).

  • Always asserting the importance of prioritizing internal workfloor organizing, especially in the face of anticipated pressure to keep things status-quo.

  • Using, and growing, my considerable Canada-wide activist network outside CUPW to broadcast CUPW’s organizing ambitions and build support for cross-union job action.


Nominator Statement


Dave Lambert, Regional Education & Organizing Officer (Prairie)

When the opportunity presented itself to nominate Brother Roland Schmidt, I didn’t hesitate. As the Prairie Region’s Education and Organization Officer, I deeply understand how much work needs to be done, in short order, to effect the change we require as postal workers. With bargaining just around the corner, who we elect as Organizing VP will be key.
Brother Schmidt is, by far, the most experienced recruiter and organizer on offer. He’s unrelenting in his convictions, and a well-respected leader in the Prairie Region and beyond. He has a two-decade track record of exemplifying what it will take to successfully empower our workfloors and union. He challenges workers to know themselves through their experiences – to grow and foster confidence – the same tools needed if we are willing to challenge draconian back-to-work legislation.
Friends, this is a very important time in our history. When we consider the sacrifices of those who came before us, we must be honest about the challenges ahead. A steadfast vision and achievable goal will be paramount as we organize into the future. Brother Schmidt has all the tools to get us there.
Please join me in supporting Brother Roland Schmidt for National VP - Organizing!


My Advocacy

Building Workfloor Power

I ran for local president to empower our members with the same methods shown in our successful city-wide forced overtime refusal. As VP Organizing, I will help locals recruit and train their members to effectively use these time-tested traditions of grassroots unionism.

A Realistic Plan to Win

I gave this presentation at a Prairie regional education conference detailing every step of how a committed workfloor organizing strategy revitalized our local, how it can be adopted by other locals, and how our local was willing to help share these tools throughout CUPW. I commit to applying these same collaborative principles nationally if elected as VP Organizing.

Escalating Defiance

CUPW’s 35-year drift away from internal organizing has undermined our ability to exert leverage to meaningfully improve our jobs. Whether it's fighting a bully boss, a bad restructure, or back-to-work legislation, we must be honest with our members about the organizing capacity necessary if we expect to overcome these challenges.

More videos can be found here.

Endorsement - Palecek.jpg

I have known Brother Roland Schmidt since long before either of us were postal workers. Much like myself, Roland has been a committed activist for his entire adult life. A natural organizer, he was involved in both social and political movements, fighting for a better world. Roland’s commitment to building working class power comes from both his head and heart, wedding a keen attention to detail, a sharp analysis, and a class-struggle approach to trade unionism. Brother Schmidt’s member-mobilization approach is exactly what is needed to bring the fight to the boss.

Mike Palecek
Past-President, CUPW National (2015-2019)


Brother Roland Schmidt is an accomplished leader and organizer with abundant talent obvious to anyone he’s crossed paths with. He’s open and engaging, is a gifted speaker and writer, and boosts CUPW’s profile in the labour world. He’s been interviewed by Labornotes and numerous podcasts, and last year, under his leadership, the Edmonton Local won several Canadian Association of Labour Media Awards.

Over his past few years as local president, Roland deployed a successful organizing strategy which Building Power to Win would end up sharing similarities with. CUPW desperately needs someone with Roland’s extensive experience to make sure our organizing campaigns are properly supported to succeed. As VP Organizing, Roland will hit the ground running, bring everyone to the table, and inspire our workfloors to see themselves in CUPW again.

Julee Sanderson
1st Vice-President, CUPW National


Brother Roland has the experience to foster the growth of workfloor activism necessary to strengthen our union. He operates a transparent office, keeping members well informed. This has directly contributed to more education participants, steward recruitment and GMM attendance in our local.

Over 21 years, I’ve witnessed the full rollercoaster of inner-CUPW politics; Roland was instrumental in unifying our local executive and focusing our fight on the boss. He has always worked at nurturing a spirit of solidarity. CUPW is more divided now than ever; Roland will help inspire our members to see what we can win by organizing together. Our local is healthier in every way because of Roland’s contributions. As Organizing VP, he’ll expand what he’s established in Edmonton to all of CUPW, properly preparing us for the battle ahead.

Rashpal Sehmby
Health & Safety Officer, CUPW Edmonton & Affiliates

Voting Information

Elections will be held on May 6, 2022 during a virtual special national conference. In order to vote you must be elected as a conference delegate by your local. Each local has different rules for how this process is handled; contact your local Secretary-Treasurer or Regional Director for more details.

Anyone interested in supporting my campaign is encouraged to do so by sharing my website or social media posts with other members.



Please reach out if you have any questions about, or would like to help promote, my campaign: